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Calcium Bentonite has a very long history of internal and external use in all parts of the world, with remarkable results. It is widely considered one of the best 'drinking' clays around. Its applications in natural medicine stretch from preventative to curative, dealing with such problems as:

·     Organic & non-organic toxicity,

·     Various infections and parasites

·     Correct free radical damage,

·     Alkalize the body (increased acidity leads to many health problems),

·     Strengthen immunity,

·     Re-mineralise the body,

·     Raise red blood cells count,

·     Stimulate cellular respiration,

·     Remove heavy metals (e.g. following chemo/radiotherapy),

·     Improve liver function due to its detoxification,

·     Balance digestion/elimination.



Mixed into a paste with water, can be used in compresses/poultices on ulcers, achy, painful joints, muscles, bruises, over infection areas. Clay draws all kinds of toxins and impurities out of the body providing the healing at the same time.


How many?

Bentonite clays have been under increased spotlight recently thanks to their amazing infection-destroying properties. Medical circles are interested in this, due to the need to find an effective remedy to fight hospital super bugs which have become resistant to the strongest antibiotics.

The theory is that clay particles are so minute, that they envelope the bacteria as if in a cocoon, depriving them of nutrition and water, causing them to die. In most research experiments, both 'in vivo' and 'in vitro', all types of bacteria used in research were neutralized within 1-2 hours. This property is being utilized in the treatment of gangrenous infections, wounds, diarrhea, to de-contaminate water to make it suitable for drinking, etc., both by natural therapists and medical practitioners. There is powerful evidence on the treatment of Buruli ulcers - a flesh-eating condition - in the developing world by clays. I have found impressive information with photographs about the treatment of skin cancer with clay.


Why do clays work as detoxifying substances?

Clays have a cumulative negative charge when hydrated, with active exchangeable negatively-charged ions of Calcium, Sodium or Magnesium attracting mostly positively-charged ions of toxic substances and heavy metals, binding these substances, thus neutralizing them. Then these substances are taken out of the body through alimentary canal. This property - to attract and bind substances - has won the bentonite a reputation of 'living clay'. It is an extremely important property for detoxifying and poison-neutralisingprocesses.


Clays consist of a large number of minerals. Calcium montmorillonite is recorded to have no less than 67 minerals. The bulk of them include calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, silica, manganese, boron, bromide, as well as other macro and micro-elements. Clays work with the body on a very intelligent level of ionic exchange. When we take minerals in a tablet form, they all pass through our bodies and can cause toxicity in case we take too much (like in cases with iron or zinc, for example). Clays only give the body what it needs. They 'identify' the need for particular deficient minerals on an ionic level and provide it to the body in the exact amount the body needs. At the same time, they replace the ions they give away to the body with the substances the body does not need, and take them away through eliminatory channels. It is very difficult to overdose on minerals supplied by clays - one needs to ingest quite a large amount of clay to get such an overdose. It is difficult to do, since it would be physically uncomfortable.

For external applications clays can be used in compresses, poultices, baths, face masks, body wraps, powder applications to weeping ulcers, nappy rash, weeping eczema, fungal infections. They can also be used as tooth powders - calcium bentonite clays are excellent at removing plaque and whitening teeth, due to their bleaching properties (be careful not to over-use it for this purpose, since it can be abrasive and can wear down the enamel). In the cosmetics industry bentonites are used in soaps, toothpastes, face/body packs, and other clay-based products which are beginning to win the consumer over.


Benefits of Bentonite Clay used Internally

·      Remove chemical and pathological toxins from digestive system

·      Remove bacterial food poison, inorganic toxins

·      Clean colon, promote bacterial intestines  balance

·      Detox liver

·      Promote good health

·      Remove heavy metals

·      Recover from radiation and chemo therapies

·      Increase T-cell and free oxygen in the blood stream

·      Improve immune system function

·      Correct free radical damage

·      Improve respiration problem

·      Reduce Allergy for food

·      Improve digestive problem

·      Stimulate healing all body



A Cautionary Word About Edible Kaolin Clay

Although there are no known side effects related to ingesting pure organic this clay, use common sense, too much of anything is not good. 


This is a powerful and effective substance. However, there are times when it should not be taken.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Clay, or products containing Bentonite Clay.

Do not take within two hours before or after taking any medication. 

This clay could render your medication ineffective.

The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements.

to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. It’s always best to consult a physician or medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.


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