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The Internationally recognized MULTIPLAZ-3500 is a multi-functional, portable, handheld water-plasma device!

Multiplaz 3500 can weld, solder, braze, harden, and cleanse metals including steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, bronze and other metals.


Multiplaz 3500 can cut any metal, including high-alloy and stainless steel that can not be cut with oxygen cutting. Cutting ceramic tiles, quartz glass, bricks, concrete and other inflammable materials is another unique feature of the Multiplaz 3500.

Best Welder

MULTIPLAZ-3500 was awarded the Grand Prix Prize in Geneva World Invention Salon.


For the first time in the history of the metal working Industry, with the help of technology, a new device has been developed for the heat treatment of 0.5 - 10-15 mm thickness metal (cutting, welding, soldering, tempering, spraying, etc.). Generating plasma via a water steaming process can now be conducted in absolute safety, using a portable, hand held, powerful, multi-functional and ecologically sound method.

Best Welder

For only $1999


The essential core functioning of the plasmatron is as follows. A voltaic arc is ignited inside the torch arm, between the anode gate and the cathode gate, converting the contained water first into the vaporized and then into the plasma state. In the vaporized state, the steam is ionized and under naturally generated pressure, it emerges from the torch nozzle as a 8000°C plasma jet, by means of which cutting, welding, soldering and other kinds of non-combustible materials heat treatment is performed.


The MULTIPLAZ-3500 Welderdevice is unique primarily because it is cost-effective. It can be carried to the work site in a small bag. As no compressors, transformers, gas-cylinders or other heavy equipment is required to operate the device, the savings made in transportation costs alone, allows MULTIPLAZ-3500 to pay for itself within 3 months. This does not take into account the other costs such as the acetylene, propane or oxygen cylinders, their constant unloading and loading etc.


Another important cost-effective factor is its minimal power consumption - only 3.5kW. In one year of operation the use of the device saves up to 3 000 USD as opposed to using welding transformers. At the same time, high voltage (380V), (which is not always available), is not required. In on-the-field conditions, the MULTIPLAZ-3500 set provides for multiple savings in using expensive oil products for generators (without taking into account that the price of a generator required to provide the 2.8kW power is several times less that the price of a generator required for regular arc welding).

The MULTIPLAZ-3500 device is also an ecologically sound metalworking method. It is important to note that neither the combustion process itself is involved, nor combustionable materials are generated. No noxious poisonous gases (propane, acetylene, nitrogen, etc.) are used. According to an environmental impact statement of the Federal Republic of Germany, during the operation of the MULTIPLAZ-3500, the working room medium is additionally enriched with oxygen. Thus, the unprecedented ecological compatibility of this plasmatron makes it possible to perform operations in enclosed spaces without aeration (offices, living quarters, pipes, shafts, wells, tunnels, basements, etc).

The application domain, in the range of treating metal thickness from 0.5 up to 10-15mm (75% of the total scope of metalworking performed outside the metallurgical works) has no limits.

Currently, this device is successfully used for operations with hyperfine car steel, in housing and communal services, for construction-and-assembling and other operations.

The MULTIPLAZ-3500 device may also be used for separating gouging and hole-making, perforation, soldering, melting; ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete and other materials, local heating; as well as for stone-working and glass fabric preparation. The device can be used to make patterns (paintings) on ceramics and concrete, one's creative ability can be realized in working with metals and non-combustive finishing materials. It is also used to overcoat, modify surfaces (for cutting edges) hardening, concrete surface polishing (to reduce its hyroscopicity), to remove crud from metal structures and to protect them and to recycle waste.

Basically, due to its unique multi-functional capabilities, it is difficult to find a metalworking task in which the MULTIPLAZ-3500 device would not be of use.

Water is life. It imparts the blue color of ecological purity to our planet. Using water as a power transfer source, we are working today with a technology of 'tomorrow'.

Technical Specifications of the Multiplaz 3500

 Process liquid for cutting and welding *    Water
 Process liquid for welding and soldering    Water-Alcohol **
 Electrical Supply (single phase) V  100 - 253
 Supply Frequency Hz  50 - 60
 Maximum Power Requirement for network voltage 220 V kWt  3.5
 Maximum Power Requirement for network voltage 110 V kWt  2.0
 Welding type    Plasma and plasma arc
 Plasma flame temperature °F (°C)  14400 (8000)
 Cutting capabilities (regular steel) inch (mm)  up to 3/8 (10)
 Welding capabilities (regular steel) inch (mm)  from 1/64 (0.4)
 up to 2 (50)
 Idle Voltage V  68
 Time of operation with one torch filling min  20 - 30
 Torch Steam Pressure bar (pci)  0.4 - 1.2 (5.7 - 17)
 Duty cycle %  100
 Power Unit Dimensions (l x h x w) inch  15 x 7 1/2 x 5 1/2
  mm  380 x 190 x 140
 Power Unit Weight lbs (kg)  17 1/2 (8)
 Torch Dimentions, (l x h x w) inch  8 x 7 1/2 x 2 1/2
  mm  205 x 194 x 60
 Torch Weight (dry) lbs (kg)  2 (0.9)
 Power Cable Length ft (m)  6 1/2 (2)
 Torch Cable Length ft (m)  6 1/2 (2)

          * for some kinds of welding

          ** The manufacturer and distributors of the Multiplaz 3500 prohibit the use of Methyl hydrate due to its highly flammable properties, and the toxic fumes created. The manufacturer and distributor will assume no liability for effects on users who choose Methyl hydrate as a fuel source for the Multiplaz 3500.

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